2011-09-09 nicoAdded JFreeChart jars to 3rdParty classext
2011-09-08 arthurnew clooj version
2011-08-30 arthurnew clooj version
2011-08-25 arthurForce baud rate to 9600 to finally really deal with...
2011-08-25 arthurupdate clooj
2011-08-24 arthurupdate clooj jar
2011-08-17 arthurupgrade clooj
2011-08-17 arthurupgrade clooj
2011-08-10 arthurupgrade clooj
2011-07-20 arthurnew clojure editor jar version
2011-07-18 arthuradd clooj to 3rdpartypublic
2011-06-14 arthuropencv2.1
2011-06-08 arthurremove obsolete file
2011-06-06 nicoFix issue with Silicon Labs serial ports
2011-06-04 nicoWork around bug described in
2011-06-04 karlhbuilt bits of boost
2011-06-03 karlhadd boost to 3rdpartypublic
2011-06-03 nicoReverted zlib/zconf.h
2011-06-03 arthurremoved external link to boost
2011-05-02 nicoFixed visibility falg to make it the same as in Micro...
2011-05-02 nicoAdded FreeImage to 3rdpartypublic
2011-04-18 karlhnot needed
2011-04-15 arthurget rid of version number to avoid confusion
2011-04-15 arthurclojure contrib jar
2011-03-22 arthurloci tools more recent
2011-03-21 karlhmaybe the uuencode library in here will work.
2011-03-18 karlhfinally was able to operate the thing on Windows 7 x64
2011-03-18 arthurloci_tools.jar needed for ome tiff
2011-03-11 nicoAdded the latest libusb version for Windows
2011-03-02 karlhgit-svn-id:
2011-02-16 karlhadapt google's project files for dual x86 x64 builds
2011-02-16 karlhconvert to V.S. 2008
2011-02-16 karlhprotocol buffers 2.4.0a
2011-01-14 nicoUpdated ImageJ to version 1.44n9 to fix playback bug...
2011-01-13 karlhif x64 architecture is detected, double the min max...
2011-01-13 karlhremove detected architecture diagnostic dialog
2011-01-12 karlhif x64 architecture is detected, default min max memory...
2011-01-06 karlhprepend soft ref tuning option '-XX:SoftRefLRUPolicyMSP...
2011-01-06 karlhImageJ launcher as downloaded from
2011-01-06 karlhgit-svn-id:
2011-01-06 karlhas downloaded from
2011-01-06 karlhgit-svn-id:
2011-01-06 karlhgit-svn-id:
2011-01-06 karlhas downloaded from
2011-01-03 karlhplease don't local edits made by .configure
2010-12-24 arthurclojure interpreter jars from fiji that are useful...
2010-12-21 arthuradd clojure.jar to classext
2010-11-01 nicoNeeded to work with GUIs made with absolute design...
2010-09-20 arthurRemove libtiff from 3rdpartypublic
2010-09-16 nicoUpdated ij.jar to 1.44g15
2010-09-12 arthurNew ij.jar 1.44g10
2010-09-12 arthurUpdates to imagej source code.
2010-09-07 arthurReinstate ij_source
2010-09-07 arthurTemporarily delete ij_source
2010-08-27 karlh1.44g3
2010-08-26 arthurIJ 1.44g2
2010-08-20 arthurHeader file to stop silly warnings
2010-08-11 karlhgit-svn-id:
2010-07-14 arthurTemporary changes to our copy of ij source.
2010-07-14 arthurij.jar 1.44de1
2010-07-12 arthurUpgrade latest ij code from repository.
2010-07-12 arthuradd ij source directory
2010-07-12 arthurexternal link to ij source
2010-07-12 arthurRevert accidental commit (again).
2010-07-12 arthurAdd ij to externals.
2010-07-12 arthurRemove ij_source (expired)
2010-07-12 arthurnew ImageJ version.
2010-07-12 arthurNew ij.jar version.
2010-06-18 karlhprogram debug databases
2010-06-16 karlhnmake needs the inffast.obj object
2010-06-16 karlhbuild with corrected make script
2010-06-16 karlhx64 build (Windows)
2010-06-16 karlhstandard implementation of Lempel-Ziv 1977 / DEFLATE
2010-06-10 arthurij source
2010-06-09 karlhx64 Windows boost libraries
2010-06-08 arthurkarl's bbminimal32.bat
2010-06-03 karlh remember the commands for x64
2010-06-02 arthurswig 2.0
2010-06-02 karlhchanging the externals property to point to boost 1.43
2010-06-02 karlhchanging the externals property
2010-05-27 arthuradded external link boost
2010-05-27 arthurclassext in 3rdpartypublic
2010-05-27 arthuradd libtiff to 3rdpartpublic