[3rdParty] Photometrics: Added SDK files for PVCAM
[mmanager-3rdparty.git] / zlib /
2014-04-10 markzlib built with VS2010 SP1 (DLL C runtime).
2013-05-28 markzlib: Restore old zlib build.
2013-05-20 markzlib: Remove build from src dir and update.
2011-06-03 nicoReverted zlib/zconf.h
2011-06-03 arthurremoved external link to boost
2011-01-03 karlhplease don't local edits made by .configure
2010-12-24 arthurclojure interpreter jars from fiji that are useful...
2010-07-12 arthurRevert accidental commit (again).
2010-07-12 arthurAdd ij to externals.
2010-06-18 karlhprogram debug databases
2010-06-16 karlhnmake needs the inffast.obj object
2010-06-16 karlhbuild with corrected make script
2010-06-16 karlhx64 build (Windows)
2010-06-16 karlhstandard implementation of Lempel-Ziv 1977 / DEFLATE