2015-11-06 abokinskyCleaned up/refactored/commented code, fixed bug with... worm-untwisting-plugin-elife@13931
2015-11-04 ilb@NIH.GOVIncreased panel and button widths.
2015-11-04 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected fireProgressStateChanged message.
2015-11-02 ilb@NIH.GOVAllow scaleX and scaleY to go down to 0.01 instead...
2015-11-02 abokinskyRemoved old versions of the worm straightening plugins.
2015-10-30 ilb@NIH.GOVCode corrected.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVDebugging code.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected dialog.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVFuzzy Connectedness added to Segmentation menu.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVCall to JDialogFuzzyConnectednessSegmentation added.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVDialog connected.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVCan now run both afc and irfc.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVChanged method to algorithm.
2015-10-29 ilb@NIH.GOVFinished typing in.
2015-10-28 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-10-28 ruida@NIH.GOVAdd Esc key listener to the frame. User can press...
2015-10-27 abokinskyMinor bug fixes.
2015-10-27 ilb@NIH.GOVStarted work on.
2015-10-27 ilb@NIH.GOVIn zunik calling argument int init changed to int init[].
2015-10-27 ilb@NIH.GOVaddScannerLabels no longer gives array index error...
2015-10-26 mccreedy@NIH.GOVRemoved JComboBox String parameterization.
2015-10-26 ilb@NIH.GOVWeb page source of downloaded code cited.
2015-10-26 ilb@NIH.GOVgaussianAlgo.setRed(true), gaussianAlgo.setGreen(true...
2015-10-26 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected sigmas from new float[32] to new float[2].
2015-10-23 ilb@NIH.GOVIn runAlgorithm corrected blue[index] to blue[comp].
2015-10-23 ilb@NIH.GOVGraph Based added to segmentation menu.
2015-10-23 ilb@NIH.GOVFinished typing in.
2015-10-23 ilb@NIH.GOVCall to JDialogGraphBasedSegmentation added.
2015-10-23 abokinskyIntegrated display for the worm straightening semi...
2015-10-23 ilb@NIH.GOVDialog created.
2015-10-23 ilb@NIH.GOVDispose of any created grayImage and colorImage.
2015-10-22 ilb@NIH.GOVStarted work on.
2015-10-22 ilb@NIH.GOVCleaned up comments.
2015-10-22 ilb@NIH.GOVIn RandomWalker corrected return false at end of if...
2015-10-21 ilb@NIH.GOVRestored Power watershed, q = 2 button.
2015-10-21 ilb@NIH.GOVPower watershed segmentation looks okay for 2 levels...
2015-10-21 ilb@NIH.GOVUse only one global invocation of new RandomGen(),...
2015-10-21 ilb@NIH.GOVChanged lu6sol from private to public.
2015-10-21 abokinskyUpdated the semi-automatic worm straightening pipeline...
2015-10-20 ilb@NIH.GOVWorking on RandomWalker routine.
2015-10-20 ilb@NIH.GOVindex_seeds and index_labels are now put into ascending...
2015-10-20 ilb@NIH.GOVPrim is working now that index_seeds and index_labels...
2015-10-20 abokinskyUpdated the semi-automatic worm straightening pipeline...
2015-10-18 ilb@NIH.GOVlifoTest added.
2015-10-18 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded indicTest.
2015-10-18 ilb@NIH.GOVError message generated if maskButton pressed when...
2015-10-18 ilb@NIH.GOVRemoved 2 incorrect breaks from RbtInteractiveTest.
2015-10-16 ilb@NIH.GOVDebugging algorithm Prim.
2015-10-16 mccreedy@NIH.GOVChanged setTagBuffer() to set a flag to enable skipping...
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVCan now load maskImage.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVDebugging algorithm Prim.
2015-10-15 mccreedy@NIH.GOVChanged some error messages and added manual workaround...
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVUnused code removed.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVCan now read color files with .PPM extensions.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVFile created.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVComment added.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVComment corrected.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVComment corrected.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVFile created.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded extension .ppm.
2015-10-15 ilb@NIH.GOVPortable Pixmap Utilities (.PPM) added.
2015-10-14 ilb@NIH.GOVRewrote so xDim, yDim, and zDim values must be on the...
2015-10-14 ilb@NIH.GOV3D read capability added.
2015-10-14 ilb@NIH.GOVNo longer pass parameter multi to algorithm.
2015-10-14 ilb@NIH.GOVCannot port RandomWalker routine because it uses CSpars...
2015-10-13 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-10-12 abokinskyAdded multiple 'nose' annotations for the worm straight...
2015-10-09 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-10-09 ilb@NIH.GOVChanged resultImage from USHORT to UBYTE.
2015-10-09 ilb@NIH.GOVOnly display grayImage if srcImage.isColorImage().
2015-10-08 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-10-08 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded Power Watershed to Segmentation menu.
2015-10-08 ilb@NIH.GOVDebugged dialog.
2015-10-08 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded call to JDialogPowerWatershed.
2015-10-08 ilb@NIH.GOVDialog created.
2015-10-07 ilb@NIH.GOVStarted work on.
2015-10-06 abokinskyAdded multiple 'nose' annotations for the worm straight...
2015-10-06 abokinskyAdded the annotation animation to the straightening...
2015-10-05 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded maximum distance text field.
2015-10-05 ilb@NIH.GOVChanged if (similarity > 0.8) to if (similarity <=...
2015-10-05 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected mergeSegments.
2015-10-05 abokinskyUpdates to the worm straightening plugin. Added 'nose...
2015-10-02 ilb@NIH.GOVCheck box for merging color image segments added.
2015-10-02 ilb@NIH.GOVFinished mergedSegments for color images.
2015-10-01 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-09-29 ilb@NIH.GOVRemoved field for segment number.
2015-09-29 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-09-29 ilb@NIH.GOVAt the end of calc2D() set any remaining INITIAL =...
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded fields for sigmaX And sigmaY.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVIn calc2D() prevent array index out of bounds errors.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVChanged resultImage from BYTE to USHORT.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVIn setGUIFromParams corrected factor = dif /histogram...
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected factor = dif/histogram.getNDims() to factor...
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVIn Segmentation menu added call to Auto Seed Watershed.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded call to JDialogAutoSeedWatershed.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected comment.
2015-09-28 ilb@NIH.GOVDialog created.
2015-09-28 abokinskyAdded automatic registration/MIP generation. Fixed...
2015-09-25 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.