2018-01-31 ilb@NIH.GOVStarted debugging PARGEN.
2018-01-30 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-29 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-27 abokinskyTracking plugin now automatically re-twists the annotat...
2018-01-26 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-25 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-24 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-24 abokinskyAdded the resliced/rotated image option to the annotati...
2018-01-23 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-19 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-18 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-17 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-16 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-12 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-12 abokinskyAdded an image reslice and rotation option after straig...
2018-01-11 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-11 mcmatt@NIH.GOVContinued updates
2018-01-10 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-09 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-09 ruida@NIH.GOVConvert NIH prostate data to nii format
2018-01-08 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-05 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-05 mcmatt@NIH.GOVSignificant updates to the transform GUI
2018-01-04 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-03 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2018-01-02 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-31 mcmatt@NIH.GOVFinished saving mapping file to CSV
2017-12-29 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-29 mcmatt@NIH.GOVpreparing to saving mapping file
2017-12-28 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-27 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-27 mcmatt@NIH.GOVComments through 1926
2017-12-26 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-26 mcmatt@NIH.GOVCommented through line 1230
2017-12-24 mcmatt@NIH.GOVUpdated row widths
2017-12-24 mcmatt@NIH.GOVMore updates to the PV Mappings editor
2017-12-22 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-21 mcmatt@NIH.GOVUpdates to the Mapping PVs column
2017-12-21 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-20 mcmatt@NIH.GOVSignificant updates to the mapping tool.
2017-12-20 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-20 ruida@NIH.GOVconvert miccai promise 12 data from mgh to nii.gz
2017-12-19 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-18 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-15 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-12-14 ilb@NIH.GOVWork started.
2017-12-12 ruida@NIH.GOVfix a typo for imageOrientation calling
2017-12-12 ilb@NIH.GOVComments corrected.
2017-12-12 ilb@NIH.GOVplot routine added.
2017-12-11 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected placement of tolLabel and tolText and modifie...
2017-12-11 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded else if (command.equals("PolygonsToAnnulus")) {
2017-12-11 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded Between 2 polygons to annulus to Transformations...
2017-12-11 ilb@NIH.GOVDialog created.
2017-12-08 ilb@NIH.GOVEntered interface of mapping to MIPAV image in runAlgor...
2017-12-08 ilb@NIH.GOVIn runPolygonToCircle reduced size of zp put into dmap...
2017-12-08 ilb@NIH.GOVSuccessful run on ninth test example.
2017-12-08 ilb@NIH.GOVSpelling correction.
2017-12-08 ilb@NIH.GOVEighth added test example works.
2017-12-07 ilb@NIH.GOVIn DSCDATA for IPOLY == 3 changed Z1[5][0] = 2.0 to...
2017-12-07 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected looping in IMTQL2. 6 of the 7 examples give...
2017-12-07 ruida@NIH.GOVset the progress bar quiet when read/write images.
2017-12-07 abokinskyAdded to the spreadsheet editor - user can add annotati...
2017-12-06 abokinskyAdded to spreadsheet interface for tracked annotations...
2017-12-05 mcmatt@NIH.GOVUpdated interface
2017-12-05 mccreedy@NIH.GOVRemoved the limit on the appended number used when...
2017-12-05 ilb@NIH.GOVGreatly simplified by changing from AlgorithmTransform...
2017-12-04 ilb@NIH.GOVSpelling corrected in WDSC.
2017-12-04 ruida@NIH.GOVCheck-in deep learning related Knees and Prostate stuff.
2017-12-01 ilb@NIH.GOVIn HYBRD use parenthesis to make sure minus occurs...
2017-11-30 ilb@NIH.GOVIn DSCSOLV changed if (ALFA0[I-1] >= 0.0) to if (ALFA0...
2017-11-29 mcmatt@NIH.GOVUpgrades to pairing of source DE to reference DE
2017-11-29 ilb@NIH.GOVRemoved unused int ISCR from QINIT.
2017-11-29 ilb@NIH.GOVMinor changes to DOGLEG.
2017-11-29 ilb@NIH.GOVChanged NO to NOT in CHECK error message.
2017-11-29 abokinskyAdded comments, cleaned up code.
2017-11-28 mcmatt@NIH.GOVInitial Manual editor for source DEs partially built
2017-11-28 ilb@NIH.GOVConnected K setting in WQUAD call in DSCTEST.
2017-11-28 ilb@NIH.GOVCorrected setting of KWA in DSCTEST.
2017-11-28 ilb@NIH.GOVAdded missing closing parentheses in DSCPRINT.
2017-11-28 ilb@NIH.GOVIn WPROD changed W0[K] to W0[K-1] and W1[K] to W1[K-1].
2017-11-27 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-11-26 mcmatt@NIH.GOVAdded tabbed panes and additional tooltips
2017-11-24 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-11-23 mcmatt@NIH.GOVremoved many accessors to MIPAV utilities
2017-11-22 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-11-22 abokinskyFixed error in annotation display when moving to the...
2017-11-21 mcmatt@NIH.GOVBuilt dialog for loading source data elements from...
2017-11-21 abokinskyAdded table display and editing of annotation positions...
2017-11-21 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-11-20 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continuues.
2017-11-20 mcmatt@NIH.GOVStarting work on building source data elements dialog
2017-11-20 abokinskyAdded hyperstacks to the tracking annotations plugin...
2017-11-19 mcmatt@NIH.GOVMore updates
2017-11-17 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting continues.
2017-11-16 ilb@NIH.GOVPorting code.
2017-11-16 mccreedy@NIH.GOVUpdated copyright notices with info on jars moved from...
2017-11-16 mcmatt@NIH.GOVMore update to phase one.
2017-11-15 ilb@NIH.GOVStarting work on.
2017-11-15 abokinskyAdded error displays for debugging the annotation plugi...
2017-11-15 mccreedy@NIH.GOVPrep for version 8.0.0